The Hawaii Procurement Institute (HPI) is a neutral, independent procurement think-tank and education institute devoted to delivering quality study and instruction in all areas of international, federal state and local procurement laws, which impact public employees, private contractors, and state, national and international markets. HPI aims to promote effective positive economic development through its policy analysis and advice.  HPI offers conferences, workshops and programs geared toward government officials, public and private legal practitioners, and students interested in keeping current in the practices and policies of government procurement.

HPI focuses on education, training, and analysis and its objectives include the following:

  • Promote and develop a professional acquisition workforce
  • Improve and enhance the state’s contractor industrial base through education and training
  • Conduct and promote research, conferences, and studies to improve the state’s procurement process, laws, policies, methods, regulations and procedures relating to federal, state and local government procurement
  • Conduct and participate in procurement education and training for entry level and higher qualified State of Hawaii employees and others
  • Report on and make recommendations regarding goals, guidelines, innovations, and evaluation of state and local government initiatives
  • Establish and maintain a procurement library, either hard copy or online, within the State of Hawaii
  • Provide a model for state procurement that can be taught and implemented in the Pacific and throughout the other states and territories of the United States