2013 Transit Oriented Development


Download Director Souki’s presentation.

Jesse Souki is the director of the Hawaii State Office of Planning, which gathers, analyzes and provides information to assist in the overall analysis and formulation of state policy and strategy. He is an experienced attorney with specialized knowledge in land use and planning law.

Download Tony Ching’s presentation.

Tony Ching is the executive director of the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA), the state agency governing redevelopment in Kakaako. Mr. Ching, the former head of the state Land Use Commission, has in-depth knowledge and understanding of growth and development in Hawaii.

Download Professor Conway’s presentation.

Professor Danielle Conway teaches at the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law in the areas of Intellectual Property and Government Contract Law. She is the director f the University of Hawaii Procurement Institute and the author of multiple publications on procurement law.

Download Cindy McMillan’s presentation.

Cindy McMillan is the project manager of initiatives for the Pacific Resource Partnership, a construction industry consortium of the Hawaii Carpenters Union and the state’s unionized general contractors. She is a former communications executive who spearheaded PRP’s I Mua Rail campaign in 2012.

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