Following the Money 2012

March 2012 —

The United States Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG) released its report card on how states rate in providing online access to government spending data, Following the Money 2012.

How did Hawaii fare?

Hawaii was given a “C” grade for a score of 73, ranking 38th of the 50 states.  Hawaii’s ranking placed it among 13 other “Emerging States.”  According to the report,

These states’ websites all achieve some degree of checkbook-level disclosure and, for the most part, are easily searchable; but they are far less comprehensive, both in terms of checkbook details and other Transparency 2.0 features, than those of Leading or Advancing states.

Who’s in charge?

Hawaii’s transparency website is maintained by the State Procurement Office and the Department of Accounting and General Services.  To find out more, visit Hawaii’s state transparency website.

Download USPIRG’s transparency report.

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